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Evansville Radiology Services

Our goal is to help your doctor help you. We do this by providing fast and accurate interpretations of your imaging studies. We are readily available to your ordering provider for consultations.

Many imaging studies utilize ionizing radiation (x-rays, CT, fluoroscopy, mammography). We use the least amount of radiation possible in order to provide an accurate diagnosis.  We are committed to the “Image Wisely” campaign that focuses on Radiation Safety in Adult Medical Imaging.  Likewise, we make every effort to decrease the amount of radiation that children are exposed to during imaging procedures.

All of our imaging centers utilize a Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) and MyChart for access into your medical results. This system revolutionizes the way images are managed, stored, communicated and reported.

The benefits of this system are:

  • Quicker access to patients’ radiology images and reports
  • Instant access to online radiology images
  • Images accessible to physicians from home or office
  • Access to patient reports – preliminary and final – as soon as transcribed

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